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Research network of Defined Population (DP) is subject to the Research Center For Social Determinants of Health . It was launched under the support of Deputy in Health Affairs of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in 2012. The health center has a network if research posts in the Tehran metropolitan. This network is settled in the population range of 11 health centers in Tehran city and a certain area of each health center (catchment area) is determined as the intervention group which all the households located in the area is as the defined population. The number of households of each center is intended to be about 800 families. The population was approximately hundred thousand in two groups of intervention and control. The intervention group totally covers about 33000 people of Tehran City. This population is selected from all five different socio-economic status of the Tehran and it seems the representative of the Tehran population. Beside each of the defined catchment areas there is another catchment area with population of 1600 households with the sum of 67000 people totally which is considered as the control group. Characteristics of the defined population are recorded in a database. Figure 1 shows the location of the population research sites of SDH center. The website of Research Center is:

The Objectives of DP:

  1. Calculation of actual vital indexes and updating them
  2. Implementation of diseases surveillance system
  3. Determine the educational needs of thepopulation covered and implementing screeningprograms
  4. Implementing the prevention and intervention programs
  5. Training thepopulation covered and promoting the healthy lifestyle
  6. Implementing referral system
  7. Providing systematic training grounds in the arena for medical students
  8. Providing the beginning training course of service and retraining health staff
  9. Providing Health System Research area
  10.  Providing participatory research field with research centers and affiliated colleges
  11. Providing participatory research area with the Ministry of Health and health-related organizations
  12. Attracting resources of international organizations
  13. Providing executable model for the development of the project and its integration
  14. Determine the optimal service delivery for development or transference
  15. Research in the field of Social Determinants of Health

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