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Research priorities of Social Determinants of Health Research Center:

  1. Healthy life style (Physical activities, nutrition, stress, tobacco)
  2. Disease prevention and health promotion (quality and quantity)
  3. Drug abuse, psychotropic substances and tobacco
  4. Social determinants of health
  5. Understanding, knowledge, awareness, attitudes towards disease and health risk factors
  6. Health risk factors, abnormalities, injuries
  7. Quality of life of clients with chronic diseases and cancers and their family members
  8. Early detection, screening, and prevention of chronic diseases and cancers
  9. Rehabilitation, traditional and alternative medicine in chronic illnesses, accidents and cancers
  10. Community empowerment in health promotion and protection
  11. Customer satisfaction
  12. Education, at-risk clientsand high patients
  13. Maternal health(family planning, abortion and unwanted pregnancy)
  14. Children's health and breastfeeding status
  15. Health services(provide, usage, efficiency, satisfaction, socio-economic aspects)
  16. Health system(management, priorities and evaluating areas of education, health)
  17. Research priorities, development and empowerment of community-based research
  18. Intersectoralcollaboration, community participation
  19. Determining health needs
  20. disease consequences,healthcare systems and indicators ofhealth and illness

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